Nature´s Lessons

I ate my first little potato, some of the squash, and am slowly picking away at the greens, the beans, etc.  The tomatoes will start soon.  I had another ripe strawberry, and was waiting for it to be perfect, but something beat me to it.  Whatever it was left me a little…  It is always nice to eat plants that have been domesticated and cultivated to our palette.

Most of the berries, including the mulberries, and loquats (not a berry) are over.  The fields are red, and although full of mexican hats, with the mowing, the butterflies, for the most part don´t know where to go.  There just aren´t that many other flowers left.  Some beautiful new flowers in unmowed areas,

the rain lily

the cowpen daisy

a swallowtail

and other black butterflies

and orange butterflies on the passion flowers who today did not have their purple blossoms,

and also “” butterfly on the “butterfly” section of the dirt road.

more caterpillars and tarantulas,

and a garter snake that made a really exciting movie

what was probably a black mouse and a real frog.  Not that a toad isn´t a frog, it is!  They are a subset of frogs, as I learned in this article.

I was mowing at 6am while it was still cool! I was careful this morning as I mowed the lawn, to raise the blade a little higher so that anything small could duck.  The sensitive briars are out in full, everything else having been mowed.  Today, for the first time as I biked in a little earlier than usual, I noticed 1 bug per flower, and occasionally, I suppose some flowers with extra nectar.  This one had 3 bugs on it.

The camera does not focus well as the battery depletes, and the macro lens fails to work at all.  I am happy to have it though. I have another bird picture (and recording) from this morning´s ride in.  I want to organize them into a program like the flowers program which is quite stunning.

The camera does do video, and sound with the video (although not the same quality as my other one).  I can upload everything through the targus card reader ($20) into linux, but have to use Windows if I want to use the USB port.  I´ve been working on getting different fonts to work in the bash scripts.  I generally load up with spanish settings, and then use the keyboard setup wizard under the setup tab in the start menu to add a us keyboard, and in the advanced options of this wizard set the windows key to switch between keyboards.  Not that important for spanish, but since I´ve been trying Greek and other languages, there it is pretty critical.  I´m quite pleased with the Groenemeyer download.  I used the 12-12 track, and it has commentaries in German by Groenemeyer on his songs.  They are really fast, but it is almost like sitting in a German café.

Petey is almost completely healed, but I am keeping him on the antibiotic because of his lyme history, until the wound is completely closed up.  The last 1 in x 1/2 in or so seems slow, but it doesn´t seem to bother him, and exercise makes all the difference.  Spin had some socialization to cows this morning.

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