The Truck Moved

I took advantage of the cooler weather to put the starter back in, taking the flywheel cover off which made the process somewhat easier.

The flywheel seemed ok, but the solenoid clicked, and the starter wouldn´t even extend much less turn.  Just one click, and then never another click.

OK.  It got hotter, and I called the pros.  The guys came over, took the starter in and out a couple of times, respliced the negative cable that I had spliced, tested the ignition wiring, and it still wouldn´t start.  The starter would arc off of the battery, extending and turning just fine, but when connected to the truck wiring, nothing.  Finally, juicing everything up and bypassing the new cables, we got it to start.  It was a really hard start….  A decent couple of guys, they got the truck started for $80.  I guess the wiring is at least part of the problem – I´m not getting enough current to the starter using the lighter “motor boat” cables that had replaced the original shorted cables.

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