The Truck and a Pole

We got the truck started, but once it stopped, it would not start again.  Thinking about the problem a bit, I realized that the pole on the solenoid that passes current to the starter motor was set high, so that when the solenoid clicked opening from standing position to turn the starter motor position, no voltage drop was passing across the terminals to start the motor.  Shifting the transmission linkage assembly under the truck did not resolve the problem (sometimes activating the neutral safety switch), but removing the starter, and reinstalling it would get the system to the same point:  the solenoid would click open, and then stick and never close again.  The starter wasn’t the problem because removing it, the starter benched just fine both at the autoparts store, and off of the truck battery.

What seemed to work was doubling the voltage across the battery by connecting the negative lead of a powerpack to the alternator bolt, and the positive lead of the powerpack to the battery positive lead.  This would effectively pass the required 12V differential to the starter motor even though the pole is stuck high.  Not 100% sure about this theory, but it is worth a thought…

Anyway, with the truck started, I was able to attend the funeral of a family friend that my parents could not attend because they were not here.  It meant a lot to everyone.  I drove slowly, and carefully, and then returned the truck to the shop.  The guys rewired the starting cables so that it would start, and stop normally.

At this point, I think it serves as an emergency vehicle.  Something to get me or my dogs to assistance in the event of a snake bite, or whatever.  It could work well safely around the farm with a little work on the brakes, basically using some thread sealant (debatable, but I got it anyway), playing with the washer number/type/size, marking and carefully aligning the hole on the caliper bolt with the banjo fitting on the brake line, and above all torquing to spec and repacking the bearing because the wheel wobbles somewhat at low speeds.

It would require a lot of work or money to pass inspection, which requires reverse on the transmission.

It does need a new back window, and transmission shifting cable.

Some thoughts on a more energy-efficient vehicle.

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