Day 1 with the Kids: Field Trip to the Local No-Kill Shelter

We were up early the day after I picked them up with a fishing pole trying to catch some fish.

The water really wasn’t deep enough for the big fish with the dry conditions, but we saw some catfish in the middle of the creek, and thought maybe we could have caught something with a boat.

We tested out the day sculptor program, and also the dog training program.  A little later, we took the dogs to the dog park and practiced giving Petey and Spin a bath,

throwing balls into the lake,

and doing some exercise laps at the dog park.  The boys were running around so much, one person commented that she wondered who was having more fun!

We stopped at the second hand book store, and the boys each picked out a book,

and we headed over for a field trip to the local no-kill animal shelter.  The boys had some questions… They asked about the dog who had been at the shelter the longest – and we were introduced to Lucy.  She has been there 5 years.

After a quick tour of the cats,

and all of the kennels so they could grasp the size of the shelter,

I took advantage of the opportunity to demo my dog training program with the shelter staff, and later thoroughly beta-tested and rewrote the dog training, and day sculptor, and write_words programs for kids.

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