Religious Refugees

I’ve thought about developing the picture in the post before into a fully commissioned piece of art for display at a local museum.  So, here’s the development…

Church/synagogue/mosque front with a neon sign hanging from it alternately flashing the denominations that prohibit homosexuality.

Tent with a “No Trespassing” sign over it and a neon sign next to this displaying Fri/Sat/Sun 10:00 am, depending on the denomination.

Gay and Lesbian center front with a neon sign hanging from it flashing alternatively “Gay and Lesbian Center”, “Hell”, and “?”.

A person who every 5 min. cycles between leaving the church door, sitting in the tent, and entering the center doors.

People could swap out every hour or so.

A neon sign in front of the display stating Religious Refugees: with the number of people who have openly left the church because of this issue since the display started, the number of churches who have changed since the display started, and asking the person to vote: Refugee or Hell, with a tally of the votes displayed.

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