Honor: A Ride and Some Space

I’m very pleased to say that I got some new wheels.  The car is actually 14 years old.  No power windows, power locks, cruise control, etc.  It is a manual – so there is a little activation energy with respect to children driving it.  A little scuffed paint on the outside, but with the bike rack and bike on the back of the hatchback, I benched it at 33.7 mpg. Although technically less than what the car is probably capable of, it is still much better than the pickup.  The gas gauge actually drops when I stop the car for a bit, so I’m wondering if there isn’t a pinhole leak in the fuel line that closes when it expands with heat.  All gears shift pretty smoothly, but when I went out into Texas hill country for the weekend (a great opportunity) to heavily test the gears, I probably had 3-4 misses on the shift into 3rd.  Not sure what’s up there – but if there is a problem with 3rd, it is compensateable in a bind with 2nd and 4th.

I made it up and down a pretty steep dirt road to visit a wildlife refuge.  Had to use 1st gear – but proud of the little engine that could…

Slept in the car for 2 nights, and it was a comfortable sleep.  The AC runs cool enough from the sides (the middle is a little weak), and the driver’s side door does not lock.  Decent tires.  Everything passed inspection.

It’s a Civic.

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