Sunday Morning: Endangered Birds and the Balcones National Wildlife Refuge

A very short early morning hike down the Cactus Rocks trail (1.25 miles) to try to lessen the stiffness.  My blood sugar dropped as I reached the bottom of the trail.  I ate the crackers that I had brought with me, and then as I proceeded back up the trail, found the cactus fruit on the cacti.

A little miracle for me in the middle of nowhere.

Nature teaches, more than she preaches…(Burroughs)

Later in the morning, I arrived at the sunset pavillion with the overlook of the Colorado river,

meeting 2 women running with a Jesus headband who asked me to take their picture.  I then spent the next 3 hours quietly listening and recording the bird calls with the dogs in the pavillion.  I think I even heard the distant warble of the golden-cheeked warbler (endangered).  This is its only habitat.  I didn’t get a recording of it, and it is about 1 month out of its mating season, but it sounded right.

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