In the spirit of moving, I made a bunch of tamales for my neighbors, distributing them, and introducing myself:

“This seems like a great neighborhood!  Lots of wilderness, animals, and multilingual people.  Wishing everyone a nice Labor Day weekend, and hoping that I can be an asset to the neighborhood by being friendly, helpful, and sensitive.  If you need assistance with a project, animals, food, transportation, homework, or temporary quiet or community space, please feel able to reach out to me.”

I put the tamale recipe that I used on the back.  It was to no small extent based upon the following site:

Vegetarian Tamales

masa flour and cold vegatable broth mixed until a paste.  Spread one 3×2“ layer onto a corn husk soaked in water.

fill with slice of mexican cheese and spoon full of sauteed black beans, steamed corn, squash, diced tomatoes, chile peppers, cumin, and cilantro.  add another small layer of masa to top. roll & steam in a steamer for 45 min.

I like them with Louisiana hot sauce.

So, here’s the tamale word problem file:

01c: FORMULA: VAR1*((VAR2*2)/VAR3) VARIABLES: 3 PROB: If you drive VAR1[INT,1,25]VAR1 times per month to school, and each trip is VAR2[FLOAT,1,10]VAR2 miles each way, and your vehicle gets an average of VAR3[FLOAT,10,60]VAR3 miles per gallon, how many gallons of gas do you need in one month?
02c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2 VARIABLES: 2 PROB: If you eat VAR1[INT, 1,6]VAR1 slices of pizza, and each slice has VAR2[INT,100,300]VAR2 calories, how many calories do you have to burn to work off the pizza?
03c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 2 PROB: If you have to spend VAR1[INT, 1,5]VAR1 hours taking care of your dog in order to get a movie ticket, and each session with the dog is VAR2[INT,1,30]VAR2 minutes, how many sessions with your dog do you need to do before you can go to the movies?
04c: FORMULA: VAR3*VAR2*VAR1+VAR1*VAR2 VARIABLES: 3 PROB: If there are VAR1[INT,-30,30]VAR1 percent more African Americans in US colleges than in prison, and there are VAR2[INT,10,30]VAR2 million African Americans in the US and 1 in VAR3[INT,1,25]VAR3 African Americans is currently behind bars, how many African Americans are in college the US?
05: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 3 PROB: If grass requires VAR1[FLOAT, 0,3]VAR1 inches of rain per week to survive, and 10 goats requires VAR2[FLOAT,1,3]VAR2 acres of grass to graze, how many inches of rain is required to sustain VAR3[INT,1,100]VAR3 goats?
06c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 2 PROB: If the territory of a specific bird is VAR1[INT, 10,100]VAR1 acres and it shrinks by VAR2[FLOAT,1, 90]VAR2 %, how many acres are left in its territory?
07c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 2 PROB: If VAR1[INT, 5000,50000]VAR1 animals are currently in US animal shelters, and animals are adopted at a rate of VAR2[FLOAT, 0, 20]VAR2 thousand per week, how many days would it take before all animals were adopted if no more animals came in?
08c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 3 PROB: If your running time improves by VAR1[FLOAT, 0, 1]VAR1% every time you work out and you work out every other day, how many days are required before your running time drops from a VAR2[FLOAT, 12, 16]VAR2 minute mile to a VAR3[FLOAT, 2, 6]VAR3 minute mile?
09c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 4 PROB: If you increase the room temperature by VAR1[INT, 1, 3]VAR1 degrees on the thermostat in the summer, and every degree corresponds to VAR2[INT, 50, 200]VAR2 joules/sec, how many trees will you save in VAR3[INT,1,30]VAR3 days, if one tree is the carbon-energy equivalent of VAR4[INT, 20,70]VAR4 mega-joules?
10c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 3 PROB: If a gray whale migrates from Alaska to Mexico travelling a distance of VAR1[INT, 4500, 6500]VAR1 miles in VAR2[INT,60,120]VAR2 days to give birth to a calf, and then migrates back up the coast back to Alaska with the calf at VAR3[INT, 20, 80]VAR3 percent of its original speed, how many days will the round trip take?
11c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 6 PROB: If VAR1[INT, 2, 50]VAR1% of your potato crop will be destroyed by bugs, and you plant VAR2[INT, 40, 500]VAR2 potato plants, each of which is expected to produce VAR3[INT, 3, 16]VAR3 potatoes that weigh VAR4[FLOAT, 0, 1]VAR4 pounds, how many days will the harvest feed VAR5[INT,1,10]VAR5 people if 50 pounds of potatoes feeds VAR6[INT,50,150]VAR6 people for a day ?
12c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 6 PROB: A VAR1[INT, 3000, 6000]VAR1 Watt water heater is the primary source of energy consumption in a household that does not heat during the winter and only uses air conditioning in one room during the summer.  The heater consumes the energy equivalent of VAR2[INT, 82, 160]VAR2 gallons of gas per year (30% of household energy). How many round-trip medical trips of VAR3[INT,5,40]VAR3 miles each way in a VAR4[INT, 10,40]VAR4 mpg vehicle, will turning off the hot water heater for the warmest VAR5[INT,3,8]VAR5 months of the year provide in one year, assuming that the energy of heating the water during these summer months is VAR6[INT, 50, 80]VAR6 % of what it is during the winter?
13c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 4 PROB: If you pick up VAR1[INT, 0, 12]VAR1 quarters (each quarter is 25 cents), VAR2[INT, 0, 20]VAR2 dimes (each dime is 10 cents), VAR3[INT, 0, 20]VAR3 nickels (each nickel is 5 cents), and VAR4[INT, 0, 200]VAR4 pennies (each penny is 1 cent), how many dollars-worth of change do you have (100 cents are in a dollar)?
14c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 7 PROB: Your local animal shelter has a euthanasia rate of VAR1[INT, 0, 12]VAR1 cats per week of those that enter, and VAR2[INT, 2, 20]VAR2 cats/day are brought into the shelter with an adoption rate of VAR3[INT, 10, 80]VAR3 percent of those that enter. VAR4[INT, 0, 120]VAR4 cats are currently at the shelter.  How many cats will there be at the shelter in VAR5[INT, 1,30]VAR5 days if the euthanasia rate is lowered by VAR6[INT, 0, 100]VAR6 % and the adoption rate is raised by VAR7[INT, 0, 100]VAR7 %.
15c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 8 PROB: Your stride length is VAR1[INT, 12,40]VAR1 inches.  It takes you VAR2[FLOAT, 2, 4]VAR2 minutes and VAR3[INT, 100, 400]VAR3 steps to walk around the perimeter of your yard, and VAR4[FLOAT,1,3]VAR4 times as long to push a lawn mower with a VAR5[INT, 16, 70]VAR5 inch blade around the perimeter. Your first pass around the yard with the mower cuts the entire blade range leaving a VAR6[INT, 0, 5]VAR6 inch “dead area”. How many hours will it take you to mow the lawn in a circular fashion assuming that each subsequent pass around the yard cuts VAR7[INT, 60, 80]VAR7% of the blade length, and that your speed decreases by VAR8[FLOAT, 1,4]VAR8 % with each pass?
16c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 8 PROB: You cook on the average VAR1[FLOAT, 0, 3]VAR1 times a day, for an average of VAR2[INT, 30, 100]VAR2 minutes/time when you use your big cooking oven. A cooking oven is VAR3[INT, 15,40]VAR3 times the size of a toaster oven, requiring on the average VAR4[INT, 1000, 2000]VAR4 Watts/sec of use.  An electric radiator uses VAR5[INT, 1200, 2400]VAR5 Watts/sec.  Assuming that the energy use of the oven is proportional to its volume and that the toaster oven needs VAR6[FLOAT, 5, 20]VAR6% of the time that the main oven needs to cook, how many hours of the day can you use the radiator in a room if you heat for VAR7[INT, 1, 5]VAR7 “30-day” months with the energy saved by using a toaster oven VAR8[INT, 2, 10]VAR8 times more often than you use the main oven for a year?
17c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 9 PROB: You are squatting in a trailer connected to a VAR1[INT, 750, 1200]VAR1 gallon septic system with VAR2[INT, 0, 10]VAR2 other people.  Although there is enough electricity for a little water pump, the power to the sewage system water pump has been disconnected.  The faucets have been turned down so that the water flows at a rate of VAR3[FLOAT, 0, 2]VAR3 gallons/min.  Assuming an average washing time of VAR4[FLOAT, 0, 5]VAR4 minutes per person/day, VAR5[FLOAT, 0, 10]VAR5 minutes per person/day for cooking and cleaning, VAR6[FLOAT, 0, 5]VAR6 flushes per person/day with a VAR7[FLOAT, 1, 6]VAR7 gallon toilet, and VAR8[FLOAT,0,1]VAR8 loads of laundry per day in a VAR9[INT, 18, 55]VAR9 gallon per load washing machine, how many days before the sewage system is full?
18c: FORMULA: VAR1*VAR2*2/VAR3 VARIABLES: 9 PROB: You are making vegetarian tamales.  The cost of masa flour is $VAR1[FLOAT, 2, 3]VAR1 for a 2 kg bag.  You mix this with cold vegetable broth which costs $0.60.  A bag of 120 corn husks costs $VAR2[FLOAT, 3, 6]VAR2.   You need VAR3[INT, 2, 4]VAR3 queso frescos, each of which costs $VAR4[FLOAT, 3, 4]VAR4, and 0.7 lbs of tomatoes ($VAR5[FLOAT, 1, 2]VAR5/lb), 1.5 lbs squash ($VAR6[FLOAT, 0, 2]VAR6/lb), 1 can of black beans ($VAR7[FLOAT, 0, 2]VAR7/can), 4 ears of corn at ($0.25/ear), cilantro ($VAR8[FLOAT, 0, 2]VAR8/bunch), and 0.02 lb of hot peppers ($3.99/lb).  From this, one can steam VAR9[INT, 80, 120]VAR9 tamales in a steamer.  How many cents does each tamale cost?

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