The Neighborhood

The tamales have all been distributed, although there are probably another 10 neighbors that I have technically not met.  I’ve had several nice conversations with the neighbors, and have been excited to learn that French, German, and Spanish are definitely represented in my neighborhood.  Everyone has animals, although flooding is apparently a problem when it comes to gardening.

One neighbor invited me into her home for a visit, and I learned that what might be the immediate crisis in the neighborhood is a hole in the roof of an older woman named “Oma”.  I went over to talk to her, and I guess her roof is about 7 square, although apparently someone thought that 33 bundles would cover it.  It has 2 rather large gaping holes in it – a tarped up one that looks about 1 square, and smaller newer one over the dining room being the crisis.

I had seen the kittens on the front porch – their eyes were just open, and her grandson had asked me if I wanted a kitten.  The feral colony numbered about 20, about half of which needed to be spayed.  Another 10 or so, with another litter were next door at her daughter’s.  She wants them spayed, but the resources are obviously limited.  I checked and the cost runs about $55/cat here.  It is a great place for cats.  I asked her if I could take some pictures of the cats to try to find homes for them.  She said yes.

Listening to the presidential candidates during the convention, I reflected on the spectrum of social involvement in communities.  There is in many communities across America a strong sense of individualism – the desire to test or prove one’s self with respect to challenges, independently of others.  At the same time, the first social unit after the family is the neighborhood.

I would not want suffering in the neighborhood.  I would not want violence against others.  I would like to care.

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