The Closet and The Last Judgment

This is going to be fun – an essay or dialog with Michelangelo.  His famous work on the Sistine chapel.  I must preface this by saying that I am not God. I do not speak for God. I am an artist who generally paints with words – although sometimes also with situations.  But, I am going to try to reconstruct part of Michelangelo’s work with a paintbrush.  A good way to learn is to try to mimic a great artist, which I will do.  However, since I cannot lose myself in this endeavor, I will add my own changes and details to the work.  It will be a conversation, and not a sermon.

I guess from a structural point of view – the closet shelf will be the plane between heaven and earth.  I used the little bit of paint that I had left on the background.

I was careful that the dogs did not ingest any paint, and although it was hard getting the dogs into the “heaven” section, they made it back down to earth…  They were just modeling!

I’ve decided that there will indeed be animals in my version of the painting’s heaven.  Birds, dogs, lambs…

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