Two houses: Pros and Cons

The little garden that I planted here is still growing.  Whatever is eating the cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprout leaves does not touch the lettuce.

Most of the former, however, are still doing alright in spite of some holes in the leaves. I lost the bean plant, and also the carrots, but still have 1 or 2 tiny cauliflower and some tomatoes.

All but one of the squash plants disappeared with the cold weather (although it did not drop below freezing, the dew point was below freezing one morning last week).

The remaining squash plant lost its embryonic first leaves to the cold, but still has another leaf that will allow it to survive I think.  The cucumbers did fine.

The neighborhood threw a party, and the weather was quite nice.  About 30 of us got together.  I didn’t know anyone there, but I introduced myself, and brought a German potato salad for a dish.  It was nice to have some options for food.

I ran out of gas yesterday, so I am pretty immobile.  I had finished my last box of mac and cheese, and last loaf of bread, and was down to my last 2 Raman noodles packs and 1 pack of crackers.  The last of the tamales were finished over a week ago.  Still, I have about 20 tortillas, about 6 oz of spaghetti,  1/2 a container of oatmeal, and I had recently bought 16 oz of rice and 1 ear of corn.  I was still feeding the dogs with the deer meat and rice.  We’ll make it.  With the last 4 potatoes, I split the 2 eyes that had chit on one of them

and planted the 2 eyes, and then boiled what was left of the potatoes with the corn, setting aside 1/3 of the ear, and 2 of the potatoes for the potato salad, and using the rest for potato-corn chowder.  I still have 2 cans of tuna, and so I wanted to save the last few pickle slices to make tuna salad for the crackers.  What to put in the German potato salad besides mustard?  I opted to add some capers that I found in the fridge, a little frozen garlic that I sauteed, some fresh oregano growing in the yard,

and a chopped up carrot with parsley for color.  A little dressing, and it looked ok, even if it only tasted “average”.

Many of the neighbors brought their dogs to the outdoor event,

and there were lots of kids.  The conversation centered around school and the kids.  Some of the kids were dribbling a soccer ball, others raking leaves,

and yet others face-painting or playing with the dogs.  A few Jewish people, a Frenchman, a Spanish lady, and some older people who had grown up in the neighborhood, as well as the expected football and job talk among men.

A little political organizing in the form of circulating petitions to be considered that were of interest to the neighborhood.  The old issue had been the houses in the area that were being repossessed by the hospital next door.  The new question concerned whether or not a lot that currently had a house on it, could be split into 2 and developed for 2 houses, cutting down 5 trees, and tearing down the old house.  Although this would provide jobs and shelter, there would be the obvious displacement of birds and rabbits.

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