A Rainbow. Animals and an Ark, and Heaven

I’ve started to work on the closet, after painting the background.  Mostly, I’m incorporating my thoughts on Michelangelo’s work.  I’ve decided to have a rainbow making the covenant between heaven and earth (a timely reminder of God’s covenant in the context of the hurricane), and an ark with 2 border collies, 2 mutts, 2 lambs, 2 doves, 2 cardinals, 2 sparrows, and other birds descending from it.  Ok. As I let the paint dry between sections of the rainbow,

I note the little bunny hopping through the yard, so 2 bunnies, as well…On the ceiling, in the heaven section, I will put my version of Michelangelo’s woman clinging to a tree (she is in the drowning section in his work).

On the top of the shelf, I will put my version of Michelangelo’s “God separating the night from day“.  This is to emphasize that I consider it to be ok to try to understand God (whether through God’s actions, painting God, or using words and philosophy/theology).  It also depicts God as if holding up heaven in the context of this work.

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