Remembering, Saving Lives, and a Vet Day

The Haves and the Have-nots bonding (for Donnie).  It’s a little tricky, but think of it like this, the “haves” don’t panhandle (they are indicated by a “minus sign” even though they “have” the electron).  The cats are in need.  They “fly a sign” (+ sign) because they’ve lost the electron.

All of this modeling was further developed, to explain where electrons can and cannot go, by a great dane named Bohr!

Dogs were given heartworm medicine and tape worm medicine, today.  I also spent a little time training them with basic commands.  They enjoyed this.

I plan to spend the rest of the day sketching the animals coming off the ark to safety (remembering how God cared so much that he sent them to Noah to be saved).

I took the dogs for a long walk to get dog food.  It was a couple of miles there and back, and I hauled the dog food, with the dogs, and a backpack that had some rice, pasta, cheese, some cage-free certified humane eggs, and milk back with me.  There was even a little “reward” food that I probably don’t need, but that gives me some control over my own happiness in spite of the loss of my bike.  (That’s a “no” vote for stricter welfare supervision of impoverished people).  I managed to lose my only sweatshirt on the way back, so I’m living in my coat.  (I do still have my “Rosh Hashanah” sweater for Saturdays).

Today, I’m especially remembering my dog Chandler, who climbed onto my chest to keep my blood circulating one extremely cold “5 dog” night in the truck when I could almost no longer talk.  I think it was the coldest I have ever survived.

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