Savage Thanksgiving

I spent the day doing a 9 mile hike with the dogs through Savage Park-Lake Elkhorn.

My understanding is that the trails have been newly redone for a little over a year now.  It is a nice use of the old rail system, but really far from a wild experience with the area being critically targeted by development.  This is one of the areas to watch, protect, and reforest.   As far as I can tell, the area passed from district 7 (Elijah Cummings) to district 2 (Dutch Ruppersberger) in the Maryland rezoning of congressional districts.  The trail passes along the Patuxent river, and is newly paved or gravel for bikers, wheelchairs, and in-line skaters – a fact that allowed me to get out of the park after finishing the last mile or so in the dark and being locked in the parking area.

I noted for the 2nd time after long hikes, problems with very blurry vision in my right eye that resolved completely after a few hours.

Much of the walk involved photographing and identifying the trees from their bark and decaying leaves. 

perhaps a very young sycamore tree?

This American Beech tree is the predominant tree in the forest.


I think this is an American Holly (without berries).

There was a little bit of wildlife – 2 deer, 2 squirrels, 2 geese, 3 cardinals, and sounds from other birds, more specifically 2 carolina wrens calling out to one another (I found a better movie of this than what I could record in the forest, but I am pretty sure I got it right).

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