Cheese, Tamales, Vegetable garden

It’s that time of the month again – the time when things get tight.  The gas tank is essentially empty.  The car starts with great difficulty (it needs a boost) when the weather is colder.  I think fluids were siphoned – it used to start.

There’s one pack left of Raman noodles, one sandwich roll, some cereal, and potatoes.  I got some Masa flour and ingredients to make some tamales.  Unable to afford cheese, I cultured a little bit of cheese in some milk to try to make some more for the vegetarian endeavor.  My first attempt reduced about 1 cup of milk to 2 oz of cheese.  I’m trying again with more milk.

I picked up a deer that had been struck by a car.  The weather is colder now (it dropped way below freezing last night), so I don’t know how processing the deer will go today, but the body was still warm when I got it.  It will make about 1 month’s worth of meat.  I might be able to make some deer tamales.  The dogs completely finished and enjoyed the cooked bones from the last one.

I had done a quick experiment with the lettuce that was growing in the garden on election day – transplanting one and bringing it inside, wrapping another one overnight, and leaving the third one alone as the temperature dropped to 31F.  All 3 were eventually transplanted and brought inside before the big freeze.  The one that was transplanted earliest with the 31F freeze has grown the best of the three.

The state of the garden after 2 1/2 months.


Tonight was super-cold (25F), and the water moved with great difficulty through the pipes in the septic system.  Despite the cold weather, the dogs had picked up 1 tick each on the outing to Savage Park.  I saved the deer ticks,

and gave the dogs a treatment with Advantix prior to the outing at Rocks.  The smaller tick stimulated a reaction in Petey (he had a raised bump and a scab later).

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