Ancient Peaks

I headed out for another hike – this time up to Rocks State Park – an old Native American site that has transferred districts with the recent election.  It moved from district 6 (Roscoe Bartlett) to district 1 (Andrew Harris) in the Maryland redistricting.


The site is an old Susquehannock site.  According to records, the people and language were essentially exterminated in the 18th century, and apart from the naming of rivers and a Swedish Lutheran missionary’s (1601-1683) 80 word lexicon, the language has been lost.  The missionary (to New Sweden) is reported to be buried in Uppland, Sweden, and has his tombstone engraved in the language.

The dogs and I did a compilation of the purple, red, and white trails – signs were legible and apparent (for the most part, not too confusing), but the map posted at the entrance by the deer creek rapids was of little help.  It was a steep climb up, and then a quiet pretty level walk around up top.  The many leaves on the trail this time of year made the trail slippery.  I took a few falls.  The trees up here are mostly oak.

There are a few pines and firs up at the top,


A Balsam Fir?

and some beech.  There is also a smaller evergreen tree prolific throughout the park which is diseased.

Although there were gunshots in the distance (hunting season), I did not observe any wildlife other than the very small birds in the trees at the top, and the sound of an occasional woodpecker.

The area was later developed as a quarry for stone used in building the railroad.

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