Big Cheese, Many Tamales

I started with a little more milk this time, and after about 1 day using the heat from the pilot light in the oven, got a pretty decent compact cheese.  I had to build a makeshift press using a wooden board, rubber bands, a dishcloth, and a pot lid.  This was used with some vegetables to make 24 vegetarian cheese tamales.  The dogs enjoyed the whey from the cheese.

The deer was still in rigor mortis yesterday which made pulling hide off a little harder (some meat came with it).  One of the front legs came off as I pulled off the hide.  Later it was missing.  Someone wants me to think that the dogs ate it, but I let the dogs out, and they didn’t find any remnants of it.  I think the taxman collected!

I scraped everything off the hide, and processed the liver and heart (giving the heart and just a little liver to the dogs).  The rest of the chopped cooked liver can be cat food I guess.  I then boiled a little of the chopped deer meat, shredded it, and made another 38 tamales.

It ended up being about 17 pounds of deer meat separated and frozen in bags of a little less than a pound, with the more stained meat being cooked immediately and either fed to the dogs, or stored in 2 tupperware containers.

There were about 10 small corn husks left over, and some masa flour, but I am out of tomatoes for the vegetable part.  I still might use them with cabbage, carrots, and broccoli, but they will be smaller deer meat tamales.

I mixed the darker stained meat with oatmeal boiled in broth for the dogs.

This time with the colder weather, I got the brain out using a pick and hacking at the skull with the knife.  Not having gloves, I was prepared to use an inverted plastic bag, but I ended up just scooping with the flat end of the pick.  I stored the brain in the freezer for tanning.  It’s not very big.

The bones were chopped up and boiled for the dogs.  All in all, the unused part of the deer minus the guts (that were immediately thrown out) and the skull is pretty small.

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