Una Kandelika

It’s Hanukkah.   My Hebrew teacher came back after being gone for one week (I think she deliberately avoids coming the week after Thanksgiving, not to be depressed with the regression of students).  We had a different teacher last week, and she is very good – from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I ended up changing levels, and then going back to more basic stuff.  At the higher level, there is the synthetic effort required to organize the unknown material to make sense of everything.  Sometimes, I get it wrong, because I don’t have an overall framework for everything, I’ll organize everything  a little differently.  so that’s why it’s important to go back and look at the basics.  Anyway, we went over the present tense verb, noun, and adjective – all of which have a system of 4 (nothing, et, im, ot).  And then the future and past tense and pronouns, all of which have a system of 10.  And then there were the 7 voices of the בִּנְיָנִים – each of which would have 24 variants, which I always considered like a מְנוֹרָה – one a day for Hanukkah – a spare day thrown in for a break…

After whizzing through all of that with my teacher, I headed off to celebrate the coming of חֲנֻכָּה with the community.  We had a לאַטקע contest, and I put together 6 mini-latkes,



the kids put on a play, and played with tops,

spinning tops

spinning tops

and we all had brunch later and sang oco kandelikas with a very progressive and funny traveling רַבִּי dressed in pink or blue.  The kids all went to go get food as she played!

A Rockin' Rabbi!

A Rockin’ Rabbi!

There are a few great versions of this song.  I couldn’t just pick one.

1. Oco Kandelikas  2. Oco Kandelikas

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