Development and a Small Voice

Dogs were given ivermectin, and tape-worm wormer.  Although there are 2 different philosophies on this (one is to take them off the stuff during the winter, and then retest them before putting them back it on in the spring, the other is to keep the animals on it year round), I prefer to keep them on it year-round because the wormer itself will slowly kill the heartworm if it is present).  Because I go into environmentally sensitive areas where there is unprotected wildlife, it is important for me to not potentially harm a vulnerable population.  Obviously, the parasites are already generally present in these populations, but I try to do my part, not to move parasites from one area where they may have evolved to be slightly different, into another area where the co-evolution has not occurred and therefore makes a population that is difficult to treat, vulnerable.

I went out to Severn Run Natural Area, another environmentally sensitive area that changed congressional districts with the last election.  This one changed from District 1 (Andy Harris, Eastern Shore although it is on the west side of the bridge) to District 4 (Donna Edwards).  The former entrance to the area is now plastered with a huge NO TRESPASSING sign and gate to protect the new housing development under construction (indicated by an address that has a range of 10-20 subaddresses).  A short dog walk led me past a couple of Halloween pumpkins that had been abandoned in the forest (I picked them up as I watched the deer move in the background), to a house with a woman in it.  I asked her about the park, and she redirected me to another older entrance, that she said she had not visited in years.  I found it after dark.  Too late.

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