New Year’s Rock

It was a big day.  After the midnight traditional French phone call from my siblings (my parents go to bed earlier now), that woke me up, I was up early heading out for the trail.  My blood sugar had been high in the morning (400) because I had missed a 5:00AM shot in the middle of the night, and I had noticed that this high blood sugar was correlated with a low blood pressure (100/75), and a weaker pulse.  I’m guessing this is from dehydration associated with high blood sugar.  My stroke volume is lowered by the dehydration.  Anyway, a little (lot) of insulin, and I hit the Rock Creek trail as I had planned – all of my muscles presumably charged with glycogen from the high the night before.

The trail was incredible.  I wore a coat the whole time.  I started out with the dogs at Needwood Lake – a site of active archeological investigation.


We initially heading north into the primitive wilderness along the creek.  The little footpath (unblazed) follows the creek north, and we heard birds and saw deer out there, and then after crossing under the new interstate bridge, the trail petered out, but we found a place where we could cross and backtrack along an old park entrance following the creek back (trail-less) past a tree with a hollow that was big enough that a person and 2 dogs could sleep in it.  It even had a window that could be covered with deer-hide to keep the rain from getting in.  I hope that they never develop this part of the park.

Back at the lake, I reoriented, and found the bike trail.  We hiked the trail down passed the beltway, before it got too dark to be on the trail.  All in all, I guess we did 13 miles, seeing several pockets of birds along the way: bluejays, cardinals, 3 different kinds of woodpeckers (including a norther flicker), and other birds.  I also heard a coyote.  We would pass a golf course, a canoe rental site, an archery range, and some historical markers along the way.  The trail extends for another 7 or 8 miles down to the DC monuments.

At the end of the day, my blood sugar had normalized, and my blood pressure was still lower (115/68), presumably because the exercise had released vasodilators into my blood stream.  I cooked a squirrel for dinner that I had found in pretty good condition along the side of the road.


It tastes like chicken.


I did not take my blood pressure medicine that night, and woke up with a blood pressure of 125/78.  I don’t know if that was the right decision or not, but I was afraid that too low of a blood pressure would cause me to fall down (probably like Hilary Clinton did).  Anyway, today the pups and I happily mostly rested (a little sore, but with relatively normal (for me) blood sugar values.

I took my bike on the bus up to the end of the Red line subway (Shady Grove) where the lake is, and then biked about a mile further to go and pick up my car.  I met with the archeological director of the site, and we talked about the excavation she was supervising, and some of the theories about the native americans that were in the area.

This site is mostly an excavation of slave quarters from a plantation.  It is part of strong cultural push in several sites to discover the history of slaves in Maryland.  We talked about several different projects, and theories, and spent quite a bit discussing the fact that because Maryland was not technically a slave state, that Lincoln’s proclamation did not end slavery in Maryland until 1 year later.  So, the question was where (which direction) did the slaves go to escape?  Was it to the nearby Washington DC line where they were free?  I think they probably went to Baltimore.  They were headed north, no matter what.

I took my blood pressure medicine this evening.  So, the past 4 days:

The blood pressures are measured 3-4 times/day.  The blood sugars also 3 -4 times a day.  I’m including insulin reactions (low blood sugars) with values of 40 (although I don’t measure them with a meter) in the averages.  I think that this is correct.  It is a measurement, just one that is noted by my body, and not a meter.  No need to waste a strip here, although it biases the sampling toward the lower values in a way, because it is a sampling that only occurs when the values are low.


g of fat Na mg calories mg chol g carbohydrate Blood sugar systolic diastolic
39 2740 1445 104 167
36.5 3060 1670 85 268
30 1770 910 115 109
69 2545 1450 215 138
ave 43.625 2528.75 1368.75 129.75 170.5 184 129 75
Time for resolutions.
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