The Annual Energy Audit

Trying to sort everything out at the last minute.  There’s quite a bit of auditing to do, on the resolutions from the last year.  Many of them only lightly addressed.  I think I did well on the botany part, even though my winter vegetable garden did not make it outside.  All of the cabbage and brussel sprouts and broccoli plant leaves were all eaten presumably by hungry wildlife in the cold.  I had brought the lettuce inside, and made 1 salad from the 3 plants Christmas eve.  It’s not worth it trying to grow plants in cold weather.  They become too much of an individual target for hungrier and hungrier wildlife in the absence of other edible food sources.

Energy use:

fuel 125895 – 114475=11420 which estimating 37 mpg for most of it yields about 310 gallons of fuel.

air conditioning Temp maintained at 78 degrees during the summer in trailer when there.  Turned off when not there.

heat Temp maintained at 68 degrees during the winter when there. Turned off when not there.

hot water boiler – used for 3 months in the last year.  Managed to relight to take a bath last night.  Turned it off again afterwards.

There is some transfer of energy needs from mobility to stability.  I don’t think that I improved over last year except with gas, but I’m also getting older, and temperature control is becoming more important to my health.


Environmental goal Planted/survived
gardening 2 gardens, cared for plants indoors where I stayed
fallen tree is still alive on roof and photosynthesizing
recyclables 200 plastic bags
1 pound batteries
30 pounds of plastic
20 pounds of metal
30 pounds of glass
30 pounds of paper
composting all of the year
yearly energy expenditure 2-3 fluorescent bulbs
(heat, AC, gas or electric) microwave most of year
electric burner 9 months of year
hot water pot and toaster oven
gas range and oven for 3 months of year
10″ TV 9 months of year
a laptop computer 12 months of year
heat to 68 degrees 3 months (very efficient in Tx)
heat to 68 degrees 3 months (very inefficient in DC)
cool to 78 degrees 3 months (very efficient, but in Tx)
hot water boiler (used for 3 months).
used bath water for laundry
50 showers, 10 baths
equivalent of 5 dishwasher loads of dishes
dog and plant water (300 gallons)
water resources cleaned none
number of gallons of gas consumed


odometer readings

about 310
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