Some more resolution

A couple of pretty frustrating days where I’ve had to revert back to Raman noodles for want of vegetables, crackers, milk or protein.  I stopped recording values, but I estimate my caloric intake went way up – probably around 2200 cal/day, and the sodium went up as well.

One pack has 380 calories, 1600 mg of salt, 14g of fat, and 56 g of carbs.  In terms of my averages: this represents 36%, 63%, 28%, and 33% of what I consume on the average on a “good” day.  It’s still more salt in one pack, than I am probably supposed to consume in a day.  Another thing I noticed (not having diet cranberry juice), is that making the choice to drink diet root beer which is naturally caffeine-free adds a lot of sodium to the day.

Now, I’m back on track.  I ran out of low cal dressing, so I was just using oil.  It ups my daily caloric intake to about 1900 calories, but drops the sodium down to about 1200 mg/day.

I flew a sign to get some grocery money.  I was able to get some money for milk, salad, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, lentils, and rice.  So, I think I’m back on track.

I’m making cheese again with the 1% milk.  This has to be a lot better in terms of fat and salt than the store bought stuff.  It takes about a day.

IMG_0801A little tomato, garlic, herbs, and nonfat dressing with cheese.  The cheese is a little creamy because it could have been squeezed longer.  It probably works best for the vegetarian tamales.  Still, it’s a nice thought that if it wasn’t in the milk, it isn’t in the cheese…

I’m off for a bike ride with the pups.  I’m going to try some stairs, too.  Update: We biked the mall getting there pretty much at dark (4 miles).  There was a little pause at the Washington Monument


(that I wondered about climbing),

while Spin went for a Navaho romp and I chased him.  I finally got him to calm down, and we biked over to Congress and to the Lincoln monument, where I climbed the 57 steps twice in 5.5 minutes (like Rocky) before being told that the dogs couldn’t wait at the bottom of the monument for me.


I’ve decided that one of my new year’s resolutions will be finishing the new Hebrew grammar book I got yesterday in the new year.  There are 21 chapters.  I’m going to try to parse it out 1/2 hr twice a week Mon and Wed, and then 4 hours on Fri. and 4 hours on Sat. including services.

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