A Little C and D (Cardiology and Diabetes)

We’ll do the fun part first.  After the 1/2 day of trying to schedule things and picking up results at the med center, I used the rest of the day to head out to explore the C and D canal with the pups and a bike.

It was a really nice ride from the Chesapeake Bridge to Summit Bridge and back.  I calculated the distance as 13.2 km in about an hour and 1/2, a little over 8 miles.  Petey maintained a pretty steady pace the whole way, not always next to us, but moving ahead of us if we slowed to a walk.

At Summit bridge (in Delaware), I stopped to go out to the doc-k, and 2 guys came with a pickup and took away my bike.  As we started to walk back they turned around and came back, and I boldly stood in front of this truck demanding that they give me back the bike.  They did.


That evening, on the drive back (this was not a cheap trip – $12 in tolls, and $20 in gas), discovering that the tamales that I had brought with me had started to mold (They had been in the fridge for almost 6 weeks taken out every time I went hiking and returned to the fridge.  This is still better than freezing them.), I splurged and went out for a Veggie sub at Subway ($5.25 for a foot-long), carefully choosing the condiments that don’t have too much salt in them.  Basically, it means choosing vinegar for the dressing, and not choosing pickles and jalapeno peppers.  I think this knocks a couple of hundred mg off of the sodium.  The banana peppers and olives were ok.  It still tasted pretty good.


That evening I did not take my blood pressure medicine again, but took a bath, and I woke up with a blood pressure of 110/68.

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