Finding the Strength to Care Again

Finally, the insulin was bought through someone else who paid for it off of a credit card.  What’s interesting is that when I was going to the pharmacy, they would put a single pen in a plastic bag and try to charge me $247 for the single pen.  When someone else went, picking it up, and paying for me, they got 5 pens for $247 – basically a 10 week supply.  So with that news, Canada can wait, for at least 10 weeks when I have to go through this all over again.  It really is kind of cold up there right now, although it would have been a nice weekend for civil disobedience (MLK weekend).


So, now that I have the stuff, I’m having to recharge all the neurotransmitter receptors in my brain with motivating neurotransmitters to try to take care of myself again.

I took the pups out for a 2 mile hilly bike ride to the synagogue to get some endorphins released.  They were happy.  Then, immediately started the medicine at what is turning out to be not quite enough of a dose that evening.  It’s working, though, and for the first night in a very long time, I did not have to give myself a shot in the middle of the night, or treat a low blood sugar in the middle of the night.

I’ve spent a little time today processing a Bambi on the side of the road that was killed by a dog or coyote.  Although there isn’t much meat on it (maybe 1 week’s worth), the hide is much easier to process in the winter.  I got a little more of the brain out than last time.

I’ve been essentially fasting all day to try to get the basal dose right.  I’ve had some small rabbit food (2 carrots, 2 fat free Ranch dressings, and 3 olives) and what was supposed to be a noncaloric hot chocolate.  I don’t think the hot chocolate really was, although I put in the sweetener myself.

So far:

date time blood sugar blood pressure units of insulin exercise food cal g fat Na carb
1/16 21:17 214 155/80 2 u R,19 u Lan
1/17 2:00 152 100/68 1 u R
8:00 187 110/66 2 u R 1 carrot +1 fat free Ranchhot chocolate 25? 0 2900  6
11:30 235 108/70 4 u R 1 carrot +

1 fat free Ranch

3 olives

2513 1.25 g 29057 60.5
16:30 171 125/78 3 uR 1 carrot +

1 fat free Ranch

2 mushroom

25 0 290 6
19:30 60 1 granola bar and 2 small cookies
21:30 194 8 uR24 u Lan 1 cup of rice w low fat marg.salad w/oilsmall potato

deer meat

1/18 2:30 262 110/68 4 uR
7:00 70 1 granola bar 90 2 65 18
8:30 112
12:30 91
17:00 80 10 uR 1 milebike ridein cold 3 granolabars 270 6 195 54
21:00 130/78 23 u Lan (-1?)8 u R salad w crackers and 2 potatoesdeer meat
1/19 5:17 171 115/80 2 uR
8:20 270 4 uR 2 slices cheese 180 12 480 2
12:30 151 140/80 1 uR Challah piece &1/4 serving offruit

I think things look pretty good on day 1/18, but the blood sugar values are slightly declining that day, so I lowered the Lantus dose to 23u but I may have lost a unit when injecting.  Very likely seeing a dawn phenomenon on 1/19 that will be difficult to correct, but I know that the values even with this slightly higher period in the early morning, are better than what I could achieve with regular alone, or even regular and NPH.

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