A Little Making Up and Some Overdue Greek

I woke up this morning to the fact that one of my flash drives is missing.  It’s a tough break – many programs, bird calls, pictures, are only on that drive.  My blood sugar files had to be redone.  Still, there is my online record, and one back up drive with some programs.

Because it was way below freezing this morning, the birds outside were having problems finding water.  I set out a dog bowl with warm water in it, and they immediately started to drink.  I got pictures of 2 birds.  It’s a far cry from the 52, I’d hoped for.  I think I did get 52 different birds this year, but identifying them takes a lot of time, and now I’ve lost the files.  I think that these 2 are a Northern Mockingbird, and a Maryland Robin.




I spent a little time cleaning up the place where I had been staying, and packing my few things for the car for a trip.  My friend, whose house is being renovated, came over, and we got an extension cord for a little bird bath heater.  The next morning, there were over 40 birds in the yard fighting over the water – quite a few starlings, among them.

In terms of the blood sugars, I had started giving a shot around 5am of 3 u of regular to compensate for the dawn phenomenon.

I had an interesting day over the weekend where I became quite insulin resistant – probably more like what native americans or african americans or latinos/as experience.  It’s frustrating, because what used to work, wasn’t working.  I wasn’t sure if something had happened to the insulin, or to the meter, or to me?  I tested the meter on the dogs, and it came back probably ok (blood sugar was 58).  In the end, I ended up going for an 11 mile bike ride with the pups without eating anything, and my blood sugar did not change!  The next day it restabilized.  Last night, it went rather low because I slightly overcompensated for the late big meal, but when I woke up to test for the dawn phenomenon at 4:00 it was perfect.  Here, I made a very carefully reasoned decision not to compensate for the dawn phenomenon because I had been glycogen-depleted by the reaction the night before (54).  It was the right call.  I woke up with a blood sugar of 101.  So, I interpret the resistant day as something changed in me for a day.

After trying so hard, and cleaning up a little, my friend invited me out for some Greek food.  I definitely feel some austerity with the new diet.  We chose a place called Cava Mezze, largely because they have an online food accounting system so that you can pretty much calculate the nutritional content of what you ate, but the place turned out to offer, in addition, gluten-free and health and environmentally conscious food choices.  We complimented the meal with a glass of Greek white wine.  I calculated my pita at: 648 calories, 20g of fat, 1930 mg Na, and 90g of carb.  I ordered the falafel pita, which was the vegetarian option, and I probably would have done better to skip the falafels which are deep fried.  With 4 of them in the pita, they added 200 calories, 5g fat, 30g of carb, and almost 600 mg of Na to the entree.  My friend ordered a rice-based dish.  It was her only meal of the day.


It was nice to catch up.  I managed to put together a list of about 100 Greek words with accents for one of my computer programs, but I still cannot get the accents to display properly in my computer programs.  Last year’s resolution…looking ahead, now.

The data:

date time blood pressure bloodsugar insulin food exercise
1/19 21:00 138/80 270 24u Lantus13 u R
1/20 4:20 110/68 110
8:40 115/70 294 6 u R 2 slices cheeese
12:20 132/78 194 3 u R
3-6 11 mile bike ride
18:30 184
20:15 140/75 137 24 u Lan15 u R cup of rice salad2 granola bars
1/21 5:00 112/75 158 3 uR
9:00 75
1:00 82 3u R cheese sand dog walk
3:00 211 3u R
19:30 115/78 19 u R24 u Lan king size candy baroatmealcheese sub
22:30 54 Mango juice and tamale
1/22 4:30 89
8:07 105/78 101
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