The New Resolution List

It’s again a big list.  So far, I’ve done pretty well focusing on just the Hebrew and health side (my first broad brush in painting the New Year).  I’m going to continue with some more broad brushes, and outline some big goals, and then define a list of categories.

Big Goals:

1) Diseases (10 hours/week):  I would like to write several annual reviews of the state of the science and research pertaining to curing specific diseases.  In this review, I would like to propose what I see to be the next critical question that research needs to answer in order for the disease to be either better understood, better cured, or better managed.  Implement a learning computer program.  Categories for diseases might start with cardiovascular disease, renal disease, diabetes, AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis.

2) Archeology: I would like to work for a bit on a site, learning the different skills required for data and artifact extraction.  Attend monthly meetings of a local archeological chapter.

3) Animal Work:

a) grant review of animal research grants to try to redesign them to not use animals. 10 hours a week – about 1 grant/week.

b) bird field work

c) dog rescue work

d) personal animal care and animal physiology

4) Music and Art:

a) learn piano.

5) Exercise:

Pick 3 sports that I can improve in 5 incremental steps, and achieve these improvements.

a) bicycling

b) basketball

c) ?

6) Computer work:

a) Achieve bash scripting in Hebrew with nikkud, and Greek with accents.

b) Get Wifi.

7) Languages:

a) Finish new Hebrew textbook and attend services (9 hours/week).

b) Spanish

Read out loud and translate 1 Spanish newspaper article a week, setting up a computer program for bilingual quizzes on the article.  Work through a Spanish grammar book.

c) Greek

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