Black Hill Ups and Downs

Frigid weather, but I managed to get the bike repaired (the derailer cable broke on the Indian Head bike trip), and took the pups out for a couple of hours for a 2 mile ride at Black Hill regional park.  It is a beautiful, albeit hilly lake


and wildlife area with an exercise trail,


a dog park,


and many, even winter, organized activities.  I saw a few deer out there, and many birds – Woody Woodpecker, Canadian geese, cardinals, and others.  Because the brakes aren’t in great shape on the bike, I could not fully appreciate the hills which are quite significant out there.  So, we walked when it was too steep.

I’m having a few problems with my insulin right now.  Because it isn’t always with me, I’m not 100% sure what’s in the vials and pens.  So, lots of highs and lows, and finally, to troubleshoot everything, because there are 2 different insulins, I’ve reverted back to just regular injections for a day.   So after overcompensating for a reaction, I pegged high again at 500 mg-dL.  I used this opportunity to inject just 10 units of regular insulin after my Lantus would have finished its activity (that is I did not give my evening shot of Lantus), and measured my blood sugar in regular intervals until it was stabilized enough to go to sleep.

Here’s the data.  I’ll add a few comments.


Regular insulin seems pretty standard for me.  Probably more than one population of insulin in the vial, some slightly degraded – not unusual because I reuse the syringes.  It’s activity stops for me around 280 minutes ) about 4 hours.  That would be about normal for me.  The rest of the data I can’t explain.  Without a baseline insulin drip, pump or Lantus, the blood sugar values should have gone up. Still, I feel pretty confident that the regular insulin is doing its job.  Lantus is a very good insulin.  If that is what is in my pen, then something has changed in my body.   10 units of regular insulin is normally not enough to normalize my blood sugar from 500 mg-dL.

The approach to solving this problem is sound though.  Simplify, and quantify what you can.  Don’t panic.  Figure out what works.



time BS
0 500
60 482
90 500
135 488
166 439
201 343
226 322
258 280
286 277
370 166
640 101
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