Research: Trying to Down-Regulate the Cruelty and Loss of Animal Lives

I’m working on trying to get the animal grant review set up.  Generally, abstracts of NIH taxpayer-funded research information are publicly available at this site. There are several good candidates for review if one simply types in “animal model” in the text search of the site.  One can see the dates at which most grant funding ends, and try to pick one whose funding is just beginning as opposed to about to end, so that one can have an impact.  Since the details are not available except through publication, one is then limited to those articles where full-text articles are freely available on-line.  Limiting, but not excluding…

A typical search might yield over 12000 results in a page that looks like this.  One then browses for:

a) experiments that might seem cruel.

b) experiments that might seem wasteful.

c) animals that are particularly sensitive (dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys…)

d) a topic that might be of interest medically, because it is going to involve digging into the science to redesign the experiments.


So, in order to really get details of the work, one has to look at the publications (particularly the methods section), finding articles that are free and on-line.

Because of the cost of animal care, many animals are unnecessarily euthanized at the end of the experiment, when much data might be otherwise collected on a living animal.

So, I’m trying to put together a first list of a few articles, before I really pick one article to start with.

1) AC5 Inhibitor for Heart Failure -> Mouse model 10 groups of 10 as far as I can tell – 100 mouse lives -> Public paper with methods


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