Leaning Forward – Trying to Stay on My Feet

Skiing is supposed to be like riding a bike – once you learn how to do it (and it can be a pretty painful process for an adult), you never forget.  It’s been years since I’ve skied, but I wanted to give a shot, and enjoy an outdoor experience with my dogs.


One of my more stable moments…  Spin is way off in the background by the tree.

It was a gorgeous day, and the dogs and I headed out to Wisp for some winter sports.  Winter sports are not generally cheap, but for the $15 trail pass, and $20 skis, I thought I would give it a shot.  After a bit of time struggling with ski bindings that either wouldn’t snap or release, I finally got a pair that I could take on and off, and headed out to the slightly hilly slopes.  I ended up doing more walking with the skis than skiing, but I’m pretty sure every muscle in my body was used trying to stay vertical.  Going uphill was generally easier.  The skis could have been a little wider, and maybe not as long, the shoes were a little too big, but in the end, I was outside, and in contrast to the gym nordic skiing experience, having to use all of the muscles in my body with the vertical challenges.  It’s supposed to be an 8 MET activity, but I think I was slow enough that I was significantly lower than this.  I fell 3 times, each time having to take off the skis to get back up, and toward the end of the experience, my right leg had problems keeping my right ski flat on the snow, it was leaning out because I have peroneal nerve weakness on that leg.  A little later, (I should have figured this out myself), someone reminded me that I need to stop if my foot is leaning outward because I could be damaging my ankle or stretching the tendon by putting weight on it improperly.  Another possibility might be to wear an ankle brace.  Downhill skiing might have been a little easier because the boot is clipped to the ski on both ends, so the lower legs have more support.  A second person might have made getting up from falls a little easier.

I enjoyed the challenge, but I’m pretty sure that skiing will not be my 3rd sport for the year.  Still, it’s fun to explore different activities, even if you don’t end up doing them as a full-time hobby.  Since my muscles kept working all night long after skiing, I ended up having low blood sugar in the middle of the night in spite of the newly released smaller big-sized candy bar that I had for dinner (50 cents cheaper than the older bigger size, too).


I picked up a 70-80 pound deer on the way back with great difficulty, and this morning, felt every muscle that I had forgotten existed in my body, as I struggled to hang it with someone’s help, and also worked to move the washing machine up the icy steps out of the basement.  It’s been broken and hasn’t been used in months. Someone came by to pick it up for a science experiment.

Processing the deer (probably tomorrow when the icy weather will be over) will be more back-breaking work, but it will be a month’s worth of meat for me and the dogs.

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