I went to go play some pick up basketball, but they wanted $75 to join a team for 12 weeks.  It’s a good deal, but the people were young and in good shape.   I had wanted to try to play a little to see how things went before putting that much money into it.  They offered to let me keep score.  I needed the exercise, so I thought I needed to find a more suitable basketball effort – one that is more at my level.  I can play, just probably not at their level.  Besides, I really need something that is pick-up.  I live with the almost daily possibility of needing to move on.

I did a little bike work yesterday, biking around the NIH with the pups in pretty cold weather.  It’s reported to be a 2.8 mile trek, and I did it in 38 minutes, having to get off the bike a couple of times – once for construction, and the other time for the steep hill up to the hospital.  I need to work on my bike brakes, so they don’t have to be on all the time when I go downhill.

With my upcoming cardiology appointment next week, my “Annual Review of Cardiology”, I’ve been trying to read some papers on mathematical simulation of EKG’s.  There are a couple of good ones that I found.  Also, some options for working on a Spanish cardiology papers.  I need to combine activities or lengthen my week from 7 days to 10-14.  The next week needs to be focused on the upcoming cardiology.

I think that the doctor will want to explain the hypertension.  In terms of that, we have 40 years of type 1 diabetes, which in principle might be enough to explain it, but it could also be other things.

1) renal involvement?

2) ischemia – relating to the heart, the brain, and other tissues.

3) atherosclerosis

4) neuropathy

There are a couple of additional factors that are present that probably do not explain hypertension.

5) a little stiffness in my right shoulder relative to my left one.  This is noted when I put on a backpack or try to turn on the car light.  I think this may be called frozen shoulder – not uncommon with people with longstanding diabetes, but it could also be injury, or lyme exposure.

6) some retinopathy and eye pressure problems that for the most part do not seem to affect my vision much, except for occasional blurriness.

There is an enormous emotional challenge associated with all of this.  On the one hand, one almost has to marry the disease in order to live with it.  On the other hand, one has to live with a pretty “healthy” dose of denial in order to have a “normal” life, and not live with the constant fear of falling into the precipice that is painted by those who need to justify their grants and livelihoods.  It’s not easy.  One does the best that one can.

On a practical level, the doctor will probably want to know about renal involvement.  I should probably try to assess GFR and protein levels in urine.  I don’t know if I can independently assess kidney function in each kidney.

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