Skating on Thin Ice

I gave this a shot.  Ice-skating is also supposed to be like riding a bike – once you learn how, you don’t forget.  I definitely felt like a beginner, clinging to the rail, as I shuffled my feet forward.  Someone came by after my first circle around the rink, and held out their hands for the little door section that didn’t have a rail.  She thought I should tighten the top of the skates.  That helped a lot, and with more confidence, I made another 3 rounds before they brought out the big ice machine.  That machine made the ice look really slippery.  I thought I would stop before I fell, although I had kind of held as a goal to make it around the rink once without holding the rail at all.  That will be lesson 2…

So, in summary, my balance is not really what it was, but I was able to stay upright on the skates without having my right foot turn out when the boots were tightly laced.  I bet I could retrain my balance to be better.  Weight is somewhat of a problem (the more you weigh – fat vs. muscle – the less control you have over your body, a small movement requires a large compensatory effort to restore balance, and in the absence of muscle, the fat represents inertia that will try to keep your body in the position that it was in, vs. the direction you are trying to go).

Still, it was fun!  The outdoor rink is not far from the White House on the national mall at the National Gallery of Art.  Skating is supposed to be a 7 MET activity.  With my focus on balance, I think, I was probably exercising at less than this, but I still felt my muscles the next day.

barely_upright_corrnot one of my more stable moments!

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