The Chinese New Year: Part 3 (The Goals)

Trying not to stereotype, but recognizing some of the qualities of Chinese culture, they are generally a hard working, soft spoken, understated, and respectful people.  They value respect and honor a lot.  So, with that in mind, how to redefine goals for the new year?

I’ll start with those areas that I have made some headway with:

Annual Reviews:

1. Cardiology: I’ve done a bit of work with hemodynamics.  What needs immediate attention is the question of how to perfuse the body when circulation has been severely compromised by atherosclerosis.  So, a closer look at how to block the clotting process, and possibly how to dissolve clots very slowly without causing a stroke.  Some work on ischemia, myocardial infarctions, pacemakers, stents, bypasses…

2. Renal Disease:

3. Neurology (neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, memory, Alzheimer’s)


1. Cycling

2. Basketball (still need to find a pickup situation).  I want a social sport.

I’ve decided that my third sport will be experimenting with different sports.  Since I am just getting used to thinking about my heart as well as my diabetes when I exercise, trying a new or different sport, is a way to educate myself.  So, I’ve already tried cross-country skiing, ice skating, tennis (2/26), bowling (3/18), yoga, volleyball (5/27).

Animal Work

1. Make a list of the birds that I have identified this year.  Name, place, date, and picture/call.  Try and do 1 bird/week.

2. Dog rescue work: I protested the pit bull legislation.  There is some more legislation in Texas that tries to ban “gas chambers”, but really we want to end the euthanasia of animals that want to live.

3. Personal animal care:  minimum daily walk and bike ride 3 times a week.  Need annual health evaluations on the dogs.  Trying to find protein test strips for all of us.

4.  Grant review.  I’ve done about 6 hours on this so far, so I’m a little behind.  I think that the goal should be to review 4 animal research grants or papers this year, and do them well.

5. Endangered species work.

Music and Art

1.  I had said that I wanted to learn piano, and I would still like to, but it involves moving and getting a second hand piano put into the trailer.

2.  Perhaps a little easier to transport and more compatible with language goals, would be to get a second-hand guitar, and learn Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek songs.

3. Finish my Sistine Chapel?


1. Attend monthly archeology meetings.

2. I’ve already had my first 2 hour “lab” experience sorting artifacts from a dig.

3.  Try to find a dig where I can participate for a month.

4.  More work with Indian cultures and languages.

5.  Possibly visit and live among an Indian tribe for 1 month.

6.  Continue with at least weekly explorations/hikes of the outdoors – writing and documenting as a naturalist.

Computer Work

Language Work

Hebrew is going well.  Some work has been done with Spanish.  Needs to pick up a little.  Greek for Lent.


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