Some Lab Work

I stopped to pick up my medical records with the lab work.  They apparently weren’t available yet, although I watched the woman take the first few sheets off of the paperwork that she printed out and put them in a tray.  Not sure if those were the lab values or not.  Some days, I feel like a lab rat.

A few days ago, as I mentioned, I attended a lab event, where I was allowed to participate in the sorting of archeological artifacts from 2 different sites in the Maryland area – the Josiah Henson site and the Ziegler site.  We worked for about 2 hours, some of us washing the artifacts, and others organizing similar objects from a specific section of a dig into plastic bags with holes in them, and labeling the bags so that they could be interpreted.



Of course, each tray represents hours of digging and sifting at a specific level and location in a site.  We used magnetic tools to determine whether objects were nails for example.  One person found a tooth with its roots intact.  In my section, I had a piece of porcelain with a young man holding his head on it.  One of my coworkers thought that it looked like a man who had lost his sweetheart.  I thought it looked like someone trying desperately to cram for an exam… or maybe a young man with a headache deriving from an aneurysm.

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