Another Attempt to Troubleshoot: Carb loading

I’m not really suggesting a protocol here, because this was somewhat less elegant (simple) in my opinion.  That said, what I did was eat 4 meals of a given carb content:

McDonald’s pancake with syrup and 1 pat of margarine 103g carb


Subway foot-long veggie cheese sub – 105 g carb

Salad with 8 no salt crackers – 15 g carb

McDonald’s 2 Double cheeseburgers, 1 small fries, 1 sundae 157 g carb


There was a nonstrenous 5 mile bike/hike in the middle of the day, maybe a 1 unit worth lowering of blood sugar.

I lowered my “Lantus” to 13 units, and injected 10 units of regular to normalize my sugar in the morning, and another 10 units of regular to cover the pancakes.  I then did not cover the subway sub, went for a bike ride, and came back with a blood sugar of 221.  Something’s up…  So, I eat a salad with about 15 g of carb in it in the form of crackers, and then decide to really go out and carb-load, with the non-kosher, non-vegetarian double cheeseburgers.  This comes to 157 g of carb for that meal alone.  After dinner, I verify that I did peg high on the meter, and then eventually give 10 units so I don’t feel completely like crap when I wake up.  I wake up with about the same blood sugar that I started with.

So, about 380g of carb during the day, which should have required 38 units of regular insulin to cover in addition to a baseline 20 units of Lantus insulin.  I gave 30 units during the day, in addition to 13 units of “Lantus”, a total of 43 units.  It’s a little harder to see in this very complicated day, but the trick is to note the uncompensated subway sub.  A doctor might not see this in the data – but a long-term diabetic will “feel it”.  I’m technically about 15 units short, AND FURIOUS.

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