Tiring and Wheels

I lost the front tire on my car that is using the spare in the back.  In the process of putting on the used unbalanced tire I had bought for the back, I broke the stud for one of the lug nuts.   I went ahead and put on the tire that I had bought for the back wheel on the front wheel with 3 lugs/studs, leaving the spare in the back.  The old front tire is blown out.   I’ll have to get another used tire, and both a new stud and a new lug nut to thread the stud through the back plate.  Apparently one has to remove the caliper and rotor.  When I did the truck brakes, I had to have a special caliper socket to remove the caliper pins, I’m not sure on this one.  From what I read online, it will take a 14mm standard 6 point socket.  To do everything properly, I may have to remove the bearings on the wheel, in which case, I will need some lithium packing grease.  From what I understand, you unpack the bearings because the $2 stud that is not OEM is not ground down on one side, which will not allow it to pass without either removing the bearings, or grinding it down.  Otherwise, $8 for the Honda part, or a grinder (and a drill).  The bearings are not that hard to repack.  A few options here.

This little discussion infused a little humor in what is otherwise a rather difficult time!  More problematic, the guys seem to think you need a press to get the old stud out.  I’m probably going to need a visual to appreciate this.  I guess it can’t turn because of the proximity to the bearing.

In any event, I’m relieved that, unlike the truck which has the studs machined into the rotor, the rotor on the Honda car is a separate entity, and I won’t have to replace the rotor.

Update: the OEM head is round.  I picked up it up from the Honda parts place.

Staying mobile during Lent is tricky…

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