I tightened up the brakes on the bike a bit, and did another circle around the NIH (the 2.8 mile bike path) with the pups.  I timed it at 35 min. 45 sec. which is 2 min and 15 sec. less than the last time.


Later, I took the racket that I had picked up at the thrift store for $3, and headed out to court to try a little tennis with one of the local meetup groups.  I got there late, and so I ended up banging against a wall for a bit.  After a while, I got up to 10 consecutive volleys, and tried my overhead serve a few times (this was actually quite painful in the beginning with the state of my shoulder, but it loosened up, and I was hitting the serves pretty softly within the lines after some time).  Finally, I hit my ball out of the court, and a man walked by with his dog to return it to me.  He was in a University of Miami sweatshirt, which is one place where they do islet transplants.  Of course, in my case, islets are not the only organ that’s in trouble by now…

I asked the man if he wanted to play for a bit since he was carrying a racket, and he said sure.  So, instead of the predictable returns from the wall, I started to have to chase the ball around the court.  We warmed up with some really short volleys, then longer ones, then started a game, and he moved on to another harder group when I won my first point. 

It’s interesting because since the sport is a very handed sport (you use one hand a lot more than the other), I thought I would be very sore on one side, but I’m more sore all over in a general way, (and maybe in my lower back from bending down).  Obviously, in one hour of tennis, I used muscles that I don’t use biking or hiking.  It’s a 5-7 MET activity, but I was pretty gentle and stop-and-go with it, so don’t think I was up to 7, apart from maybe a couple of quick sprints.  It’s a social sport.

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