Rosa Parks Unveiled

They unveiled the statue of Rosa Parks today at the Capitol.


Rosa Parks and a Squatter

A short hike in the rain up Sugarloaf mountain.  I don’t know about the Ibsen quote – I suppose it is essay material.  What does it mean to stand alone when you can’t walk, to be so nauseous that just opening your eyes makes you throw up?  To go there, and come back for more…


I went back to actually do the Hemlock Gorge trailThe trail is a horse trail, but cleverly done so that you don’t really backtrack too much.


It was mentally challenging enough from the directions, but in fact the directions need a little correction – the trail on Gunpowder Rd is before the gravel pull over on either side, just after the bridge.  The pups and I ended up climbing the hill on the road looking for a trail after the gravel pullover, passing 2 gravel pullovers on the left, and a trail area that was closed for Gypsy Moth Damage on the left, and then turning right back down the fire path


to go to the cemetery.


Missed the historical part because of a late start, so although I saw the hemlocks, I didn’t see the gorge.  There will probably be other opportunities…

My relative got her first visit from her dog in the rehab center.  He has been waiting at the door for her to come home for a few weeks now.  They’ve given her a motion sickness patch to wear because the stroke affected her vision and balance, making her throw up all the time.  With the patch, she took her first steps in a walker.  Praying that she gets better.  She loves horses and animals.

Fasted for another day: 20 units of Lantus and the hike.  9 PM blood sugar 134, 5 AM blood sugar 110, 10 AM blood sugar 185.

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