Some More Meditation

Yesterday, I ran out of blood pressure medicine, and since I need the last bit of gas in my car for some lab work, I decided to wait until today (lab day) to refill the script.  I took advantage of this opportunity to go to my first yoga class, and take a look at my heart with no aspirin or blood pressure medicine.  So, first the yoga… This was really really fun.  We took some pictures of my posture before the class,





and then I went through the class noting the problems with my body at different points.  The right shoulder problem appeared in 3 different postures, exacerbating at about the last 5 degrees to achieving the final posture.


Some issues with weight appeared, and my balance was noted to be compromised on both legs,


but much worse on the right (the one with the peroneal damage, more damage from stress fractures, and less sensation).


There was a little dizziness noted with sudden transitions of my head from very low to very high positions.

So, after all of this, I went back and took my blood pressure.  I measured it at 148 over 88 on the left arm, and 150 over 88 on the right.  Now for the aortic valve auscultations (between the 2nd and 3rd intercostals to the right of the sternum)…  Two sequences were done: the first was a sit, stand, bow, stand, sit, hold your breath sequence.  The second was a lie down, sit up, lie down, roll to left side, roll up, roll to right side, roll up, turn onto stomach.


Above: full first sequence of sit/stand/hold breath


Above: blow up of the sitting portion of sequence 1.


Above: blow up of the standing portion of sequence 1.


Above: blow up of the bowing portion of sequence 1.


Above: full minute holding breath.


Above: toward the beginning of 1 min. holding breath.


Above: toward the end of 1 min. holding breath.


Above: full sequence 2: lying down


Above: lying down


Above: sit up


Above: lying on stomach


Above: left side lying down


Above: right side lying down

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