Some More Lab Work – Making History

This was really interesting.  It was lab night at the Mid-Atlantic Archeology Section.  This time, I got to work on describing and cataloging the artifacts that had already been washed and sorted from the Josiah Henson site.  Each item in the sorted bag from a specific section had to be classified, described, weighed, measured with a micrometer, and its material determined by analysis or comparison with other similar specimens.  One looked for pieces that could be mended among the pottery sherds, inspected the glaze for crazing, rust, and mused (off the record) about what each piece might have been, whether the quartz had been man-modified, what might have contributed to the coloring of the glass pieces, and assessed the nails (size and type).  It’s pretty detailed work – quite precise, and analytical.  Excellent for the development of observational skills.

And, it’s fun to know that one is literally “making history”.

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