My level this week in Hebrew class was pretty abysmal.  I was embarrassed, but still glad that I went and tried, because I eventually made some progress during the course of the morning.  The 3 of us that usually work together, sheepishly tried to come up with explanations for our lack of progress.  One of them offered “I had an operation this week.”, another one offers “I was in a car wreck and my car was totaled.”  My Hebrew teacher, bless her heart, tried to stay optimistic, but I’m sure that it hurts her to have to reduce her expectations of us.

I made a little more money on Friday, as most of us do.  It’s payday for many people.  Later, I went through a pretty significant trauma as my coat disappeared with my money, my driver’s license, my other photo ID, my flash drive, and most importantly, my remaining Lantus disappeared.  I would later recover it, but it was a superstressful experience.  I was challenged beyond my ability to cope.

I’m trying to fast again today, but it was hard without the Lantus.  My sugars went up to 340 mg/dL just using regular insulin.

I spent a little time volunteering with a bunch of others to package volunteer meals for the hungry.  The soy-dried vegetable-rice-vitamin packs were vegan, kosher, and individually packaged.


They were marked as serving 6, with a caloric value/serving of 210 calories.  I guess there is an age where that caloric value would be a meal, but probably not for anyone who has to do manual labor.  Anyway, they played music and it was a lot of fun.  I hope we helped some people.  We were about 100 people, and made 16000 individual servings in 1 and 1/2 hours, basically doing the packaging into individually weighed servings.   Lots of kids helped.



They offered to let us sample the meal at the end of the effort, but I was fasting, and it is almost what I eat every evening, anyway.  I’m pretty sure I knew about how it tasted.  I like it.

It was otherwise a pretty warm “International Women’s Day”, and after a few donations (to the Association for Women in Science, the Association of Women Surgeons, and the Society of Women Engineers), I took the pups out for a ride.

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