I’ve been recording bird calls for a few years now, but I’ve decided that I need a more centralized location for documenting the birds that I see, and calls that I record.  So, this is going to be the location.  I will post the place, the date/time, and the call.  It takes a lot of time to figure out the calls.



3/13/2013 Capitol Crescent, MD 4 northern cardinals, 1 nuthatch, 2 robins, 1 noisy woodpecker, 1 unidentified bird

3/14/2013 Capitol Crescent, MD 8 mallards, 1 crow

3/23/2013 Needwood Mansion, MD bird call


4/04/2013 Indian Ladder Trail, Boyd State Park, Albany, NY, bird call


4/05/2013 Papscanee Island Nature Preserve, Albany, NY, several redwinged blackbirds, a redbreasted bird, bird call, bird call, bird call

4/11/2013 West Baltimore

4/17/2013 Standing Boy


4/20-22/2013 Texas, West of Houston


4/25/2013 Texas, West of Houston


5/9/2013 Texas, West of Houston

5/11/2013 Texas, West of Houston Red tailed hawk

5/27/2013 Mother Neff State Park

bird call 1 from the Rock Shelter

6/8/2013 Chicasaw National Recreation Area


The diverse calls of the mockingbird.  Although there are 17 known different species of mockingbirds, and 3 genera, it is probably a Northern Mockingbird, a passarine (perching) bird along with 1/2 of all bird species.  They are from the mimidae family – those that mimic other bird calls.

102_2380Obviously another passarine.  I think it is a sparrow.  At first, I thought it might be a white-crowned sparrow, but they are winter visitors to the area.  The summer resident sparrows are: grasshopper sparrows and lark sparrows.  The permanent resident sparrows are: chipping sparrows, field sparrows, and rufous sided sparrows, and house sparrows (actually finches).  Of all of these,  I would guess a grasshopper sparrow.  The area is the southern-most boundary of their summer breeding area.

6/13/2013 Houston, Tx


Yellow-crowned Night Heron

7/4/2013 San Antonio River Walk



102_2765I think the above bird is a male purple finch (C. Mexicanus).  The female may be below.



7/4/2013 San Antonio Riverwalk (above)


7/4/2013 Palmetto State Park (above)


8/15/2013 Great Egret Terry Park, Houston (above)

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