Point of Rocks, Pope’s Nursery, and Some Quietness


Some warmer sunny weather.  The pups and I picked up the bike and headed out for the Toe Path, picking up the path at Point of Rocks, and biking/running all the way up to Brunswick and back (about 14 miles altogether).


My other muscles (quads) work to move blood where my heart sometimes can’t.  I had done the 60 mile trip from DC to Harper’s Ferry on a bike 15 years earlier.  I didn’t have dogs with me, though.

Clearly, it was a dog run… lots of rescued dogs on the path and in the grocery store parking lot, as I later picked up some vegetables.

A couple of weeks before, I had headed out to find another park, when I had just gotten a little bit of money for gas.  It had been late in the day, but we were excited to get out from being financially locked into one location.  I had been unable to find the park, but ended up finding a bike path running off into the middle of nowhere.  I picked up the path, and it led to a tree nursery (called Pope’s tree nursery).


So, the pups and I did a 2.5 mile hike around the nursery which grows trees for the state parks.


On one side, there was the wild, and the birds that called.  On the next side, a new housing development with pretty expensive homes, on the 3rd side, there was a highway.  I thought it was a pretty good visual metaphor for the tree situation.

The house is still supporting the fallen tree (very much alive) as the effects of the blizzard pass, the weather warms, and it feels like spring is here.  I put the plants out today, even the citrus plant grown from an orange seed by a now-deceased Holocaust survivor.  It had lost all of its leaves when it got below freezing inside the house, because the heat was off.  Today, I was happy to notice 2 tiny little leaves that have just sprouted toward the bottom.  I put it outside into the balmy sun.

It will make it.

Spring is here.  Winter is over.  Tomorrow there will be rain.  It’s planting time.

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