The Wail of the Pay-Shunt

The answer was no regarding the Lantus.  There was no money.  So, I picked up a sign again, it being a Friday, and set out early to try to make enough for some NPH.  There really is no question of being able to afford the Lantus, anymore.  There may be just enough Lantus left in my pen to cover one last medium-sized injection if I draw it out with a syringe (the pen technically won’t release the last few units).  I had been using less of it this last week so that it would last.

My first sign was Greek.

IMG_1120I made $31, and some oatmeal, applesauce, and crackers.  I love oatmeal, so I was happy about that.  I’m not too sure about the salt content of the crackers.  The Lance peanut butter ones seem to be slightly better as far as salt goes than the Club cheese ones. It may be that the pack is slightly larger.  In any event, it pales next to the pizza.

One guy in a contractor truck stopped and asked me what my sign meant.  I pointed to the bottom word – ephraisto and said “thank you”.  He seemed surprised that I spoke English.  So, he continues, “and the other words?”  I said “medicine”, “food”, and “fuel” pronouncing the words in Greek and then English for him.  He asked me if it was Spanish.

As I worked the median during the mid-morning, I noticed that the little conclave of woods near the intersection of the shopping centers where I was, was in the process of being transformed into logs.

Shocked and saddened by this realization, I quickly penned a sign on the other side for the voiceless elements.

IMG_1119One doesn’t really see it in the picture (hard to take by myself), but the trees on the far left of the picture were already big piles of logs, and the hum of the yard crew still manifest over the sound of the traffic.

So, $31 gets me a vial of NPH $25, a 10-pack of syringes $3, a 1/4 of a gallon of gas, a donation to a bird conservancy, and a donation to a Greek children’s charity.  Probably, the work day isn’t quite done, yet.

I’ll probably run out of regular insulin in 3-4 days ($25) and also blood sugar test strips ($20).

A little more courage.

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