A Drumbeat and a Bowl

I flew a sign again a little this morning to try to get a little more money for insulin and blood sugar testing strips.  Although I technically now have enough for the NPH, I will run out of regular insulin and blood sugar testing strips tomorrow.

With the shortage of gas, I have postponed the trip to the pharmacy to try to get enough money for all of the supplies.  I’m now only on regular insulin.  I didn’t make the insulin this morning.

Spent a little time in the afternoon at the Sudan embassy doing some work for the situation in Darfur.  With no gas, I was lucky to get a ride there and back.



We got there a little early, and I leafed through the available signs to pick one up that seemed to resonate – carefully not choosing the one that said “If this was a cat, you would care.”  As I started to hold the sign up in front of the embassy, it occurred to me that a drumbeat could be interpreted as a “drumbeat for war”.  Tempted to put the sign down, I reflected that it could also be a “drumbeat for movement or change”, and I felt reassured.

For me, there is a distinction, and I surely resonate with the latter.  I have never agreed with economic sanctions in Darfur, because they hurt a lot of people – starving them of needed food, medicine, and the means to leave unpleasant situations.

Later, walking back to the car, a little cat would sit in a tree meowing loudly at an empty plate.  It was pretty cold.


Back up in Maryland, I pick up my sign again for insulin, and after several hours, finally make enough for the 2nd bottle – the NPH.  I still don’t have enough for the blood sugar testing strips.  I tested this morning at 340 with my last strip.

Although I didn’t really have the money for this, I wanted to try to keep up with my sports goals for the year.   Sunday evening is “cheap bowling” night.  You can get a lane and some shoes for $6.  I passed the homeless man who is waiting for the leg amputation on the street, asking him if he would like to join me.  He said no, he wasn’t up to it, accepting an extra blanket from me for the snowy night, instead.

Later, at the bowling alley, I found a group of 3 bowlers who seemed about my level (I haven’t bowled in a while), and asked them if I could join their group to make things more fun.  They agreed and I had a pretty nice time (making my goal of 50).  I even got a spare.


Bowling is a 3.5-4 MET activity.  A donation to both MercyCorps and AlleyCatAllies.

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