A little more work flying a sign this morning…working pretty hard to try to achieve something close to the physiological normalcy that everyone else takes for granted.


I was eventually able to get both bottles of insulin (NPH and regular) and a set of 20 test strips, today.  I also got a pack of new syringes.  I’m once again completely broke.

Picture 014

I switched to 8 units of NPH 2X a day, and regular for meals.  I started with an evening blood sugar of 157, giving myself the 8 units of NPH, and 9 units of regular to cover 1/2 cup of uncooked rice at 9 pm.  I woke up at 1 am with low blood sugar, overcorrected it, and woke up again at 7 am with a HI reading on my meter (>400).  10 units of regular and I am back down to 200 2 hours later when I again injected 8 units of NPH with no carbs for breakfast.  I normally take 20 units of Lantus once a day, and regular as needed for meals.

Computer problems.  My flash drive (and all its data) is no longer accessible because the USB plug broke off last night.  It needs to be resoldered to recover my pictures, and data.  The drive that is currently available to me for uploading pictures from the camera also recently broke, and the driver for the camera has never worked for direct uploading in my version of Linux.

I have also just recently lost the Windows operating system on the laptop.  It was horribly infected and slow, so I’m not really mourning the loss too much, but since it provides tracking of my internet use and internet stability under hostile conditions, I like having it on the computer to switch back and forth (there are occasions where when if I want stable internet use, I’m required to accept cookies and linux just crumbles the cookies and kicks me out of the browser when cookies are loaded).  The original Windows diskettes were placed on a shelf in someone’s house, and have not been seen for years.  I will have to somehow reinstall Windows on my dual boot system, because it is still occasionally useful to me. Direct uploading from the camera would work in Windows, and I can still get it to work at one of the libraries using their computers.

With my current problems, I’m having to reload all of my programs and code off my website.

Working conditions are difficult.

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