Welcoming the New Pope

The transition has been smooth, and the choice of the conclave seems well thought out.  I miss the old Pope, but I can also appreciate his desire for a more reflected life.  His departure was flawless in grace.  I cannot imagine how someone might have done it better.

I think it is exciting that the new Pope is from South America.  He speaks English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.  Perhaps also some Latin.  It is nice that he is from a thoughtful and educated tradition – the Jesuits (traditionally associated with institutes of learning), and that he took the name of Francis – patron saint of the animals.  I’m also impressed with his work with Jewish rabbis.

I waited a couple of days to post this, because I had some pictures that I wanted to put in the post.  I will have to retake them.  I’ll put in a Spanish lesson, for the moment…

Also exciting news, Maryland is poised to become the 18th state to abolish the death penalty, the current bill (sponsored by the Governor) having passed both houses.  Let us hope and pray that everyone will extend this respect for life to their own spheres of influence.

Picture 013

I’ve managed to master 4 Greek lessons, and listen to another 4.  It’s modern Greek, perhaps reflective of austerity, perhaps preparing for a Greek archeological exploration (kind of kidding here).  It teaches me pronunciation, although when I tried it out on one of my friends in the Philosophy, Theology, and Religion class, I was quickly corrected with one of the ancient Greek dialects that he knew.  It’s not quite the same.  Sherite, kirie, becomes Kharite, kirie.  In Greek, I think it is spelled:

“χαιρετί, κύριε”

 lesson1I had also spent $5 on a used ancient Greek text book a few weeks ago.  It’s a little above my level, but I’m hopeful that I will grow into it and maybe learn a page or 2 from the textbook, and finish all 8 of the modern Greek lessons before the end of Lent.

Trying to get ready for Passover (starts Sunday evening – with the search for chometz after sundown).  I am going to save learning the 5 Hebrew psalms for the first 5 days of Passover, although I’ve been working on psalm 13 already.

My NPH is starting to peak.  Time to interrupt my day to go eat something!

Counting my list, so far there have been 37 days in Lent, including Sundays and Mardi Gras.  I have done 29 donations, and recorded 34 dog walks, although I know that I have done a dog walk every day.  So, I’m a little behind on the donations.

A donation to an anti-death penalty charity, and a Catholic charity.

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