Life Becomes even More Miserable

The gas was turned off.  They took advantage of the fact that I left for a day long archeology workshop to invade the house.  Although I would only turn the gas on for a shower once a week, and to cook with, and there technically wasn’t much use, it is infuriating that people are willing to make my life even more miserable.  It always happens on Saturday.  Is it the day when any government agency is unavailable?  Is it religious?

So, there will be no Passover for me.  I had started and planned to clean and try to put out the yeast and everything, but it is just too much.  I’m not a religious martyr.  If God had really cared this much about the celebration of Passover, God would not have pushed me beyond my limits. 

I am beyond my limits.  Way out of my comfort zone.  Filled with hatred and rage.

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The Surviving Bullies Charity

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