Hot Water if One Really Needs It

I’ve decided that having the gas cut off isn’t the end of the world afterall.  A couple of different solutions to this problem if I decide that it really needs to be solved…I’ve been known to walk outdoors for 2 months without a shower.  Not to say that I’m willing to do that – I’m not.  It’s just a hot shower is not the most necessary thing in the world FOR ME.  Anyway, solutions…


1.  The short-term immediate solution is to get a 16 oz propane cylinder with a regulator.  When I want a shower, heat the whole tank of water by holding or making a make-shift brace to hold and lift the torch under the water tank for 1 hour.  One cylinder costs about $2.50, and will last for a couple of hours.  It heats a little more water than one technically needs, but it produces a gas flame pretty well.  The cylinder could probably sit between 2 bricks without rolling.  The regulator is about $20.  So, a one time fee of $20, and then $1.25/50 gallon tank of hot water.  One has to be careful about this.  As I remember the small tanks sold by Home Depot or Lowes are not interchangeble with the camping tanks/regulators sold by Walmart.

I had to teach the guy working at Home Depot how to come up with this solution.  It’s a pretty portable solution.

2.  The longer term solution is to tee a connector into the gas line just after a valve.  Use this connector to connect to a larger butane tank from a grill or something.  This solution would get gas to the stove.  I guess it would also produce less waste, since one could use larger refillable propane tanks, instead of the small disposable ones.

3.  Finally, there are in-line heaters that can be mounted just into the hot water line.  Most of them are electric, and since I don’t have electricity, I could not use them, but I might be able to either make or find a gas one.  I know they have them in Europe.

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