I enjoyed a really nice Seder at an Israeli friend’s home.  There are lots of pictures that I will upload in a bit when I can figure out how to transfer pictures from my camera with my operating system problems (Windows no longer working and my disk drive for the flash card no longer working, and no driver for the camera in Linux, and my flash drive gone – needed for uploading at the library).

In the meantime, I am otherwise dealing with a greatly scaled back Passover effort under difficult conditions.  Normally, it would be a cleaned living area with rice/beans/yeast/bread… removed, lots of Hebrew psalms and prayers (daily), and matzo crackers/soup.  This Passover, I’m simply trying not to eat yeast.  Probably not successful at completely avoiding yeast containing products during insulin reactions (I try but I am not sure that some of the candy bars don’t have some yeast hidden on some level in the ingredients.)  Otherwise, I don’t think that I have broken my Lenten vows, although I am having problems completing the Greek/Hebrew psalms part.

I am now traveling in the car, and after a couple of days, in a hotel room for 1 night of sleep.





Above: Opening the door for Elijah, and checking the cup to see if the level had changed.


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