A Little Rest

Moving into the car again has presented multiple problems.  I’m on and off my blood pressure medicine, having problems finding my insulin and other supplies, much less test my sugars.  In the move, I managed to lose my flash drive containing not only the programs, but also my only local copy of the book of my New York trip.  Driving through New York, I tried to remember many of the sites I had walked through years ago along the Hudson.  It wasn’t easy.  Especially with so little sleep.


Although I pulled the first deer tick off of Spin, it is still pretty cold.  There are several inches of snow on the ground, and at night now, I mostly have to drive to stay warm enough.  Still, it smells like New York, and I think Petey, also remembers the smell of the outdoors here.

After a few days on the road without sleep, I finally got enough money for a room.  I found a room at a Motel 6.  They generally take dogs without a problem.  A little bit of sleep after walking the dogs, and I sat down on the last day to try to finish my Lenten vows.  5 psalms, and some Greek.

Psalm 13, Psalm 23, Psalm 67, Psalm 100, Psalm 150

I did the transliteration myself and then tried to sing them, for the most part trying to make up a melody (admittedly not the beautiful composition that they were) that fit with the words.  I’m sure that my Hebrew teacher would correct this, were she to see it.  I had managed to attend Shabbat services Friday night.  It had been short – we weren’t a מִנְיָן but as tired as I had been, it had been a little practice reading some psalms in Hebrew, before I sat down to work on “the five”.

I spent most of Easter night up working on the psalms, until like Peter, I fell asleep.  Waking up, and without internet access, I tried to integrate the Easter experience with Passover and Jewish theology.  There obviously was historically a connection for some.  For me, it is the end of Lent – a period of intensified sacrifice.  Technically, I should have done the papal bench – preEaster, but having lost the programs, it is now Easter, and I am just starting to work on it, having just downloaded everything again off my site from the internet.

Awakening too late for a traditional Easter sunrise service, (Good Friday might have been a better service for me from a theological perspective), I awoke wanting to celebrate the fact that Lent is over.  I thought perhaps a Greek orthodox church would be nice, given my Greek efforts, but I had overslept, and it was too late.  So, in the end, I am grateful for the Catholics…  Their religious tend to go where many are reluctant to go.  They usually have several services over the course of a Sunday in the bigger cities, although with the Franciscan equivalent of sequestration, they also seemed to have scaled back.


I caught the tail end of a mass, no “sermon”, dropping my last Lenten charity donation into the “poor box”, and headed out to nature for a dog walk in the snowy mountains that made my dogs love me again, stopping briefly at the famous McDonald’s from my book.



It would be a good time to work on those chapters of the book, if I could get an older copy sent to me, and have a place to be inside.  I don’t think there is any money for this, though.


ABOVE: getting Matzo soup up and running in a hotel room without a microwave.  I was so tired, I ended up mixing the wrong packet (the broth one) with the 2 eggs and oil in my little recycled olive jar.  I recovered somewhat by just putting the flour in with the broth, eggs and oil, making balls, and dropping the balls in hot water for a while.  The taste eventually seeps out into the water – and it’s the only warm food I have right now.

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